David and Sarah Stromeyer

Our vision for the Park is grounded in a commitment to "an aesthetic awareness" which urges a devotional life, driven by curiosity and attentive observation. Everything matters deeply. This awareness establishes the pulse and rhythm of our lives. It is a way of being in one’s life and the world that brings respect and commitment to everything that one engages. We see the arts, sciences and humanities coming together at the Park in public programs that explore the intersection of intellectual and creative pursuits. Beyond our fundamental goal of preserving the land and art, we want to continue to offer these illuminating presentations, discussions, and performances.  We anticipate hosting guest artists in the near future.

Our Park offers the public an admission-free, immersive experience in a beautiful Northern Vermont setting. We are committed to presenting large-scale sculpture in Nature, unbounded by walls and urban density. David’s 50+ pieces can be entered, walked through, viewed from varying distances, angles, and in changing light. Thus, the visitors’ perceptions of space, color, and form are awakened and challenged; their world enriched.